Soul food:

“There is nothing stronger in the world than tenderness” ~ Han Suyin

Tenderness, sensitivity, kindliness, gentleness. It’s not particularly prized by our society. It’s seen as weak.

But I believe allowing yourself to feel – to be kind, gentle and sensitive – is *incredibly* strong.

Being tender is about letting the feelings in and letting them be known to you and sitting with them or letting them through.

So many people in this world spend their lives numbing their feelings – whether through busy-ness, food, alcohol, social media or drugs, to name a few ways.

To allow ourselves to feel, to allow ourselves to be tender and open and honest and authentic takes a LOT of strength.

Those of us who choose a path of yoga and relaxation and meditation could be said to be stronger than most.

And those of us who choose the gently powerful style of Dru Yoga are fearless! Because while the movements may be gentle, the transformation they bring is deeply powerful and transformational.

It allows us to hear the inner voice of wisdom within and to listen to our inner, tender voice rather than the din of external pressures.

To do that takes REAL strength.

Sit, breathe, gently move. Listen within.

And know that you are strong.

Soul food: Be tender, be strong
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