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Do you sometimes feel totally exhausted? Drained of energy? Like your get-up-and-go has got-up-and-gone?!

Believe me, I know what it feels like after a day of trying to cross as many things off your to-do list as possible, being pulled this way and that by the many demands on your time and attention. Sometimes I feel exhausted and totally drained .

Yes, (even) yoga teachers can feel like this too. However, being a good yogini I know which yogic tools to reach for to help restore me to a state of equilibrium.

And I know that when you reach this feeling of deep tiredness, you have a choice.

Your choice

You can rest. Or you can get moving.  Sounds odd – get moving when you’re feeling knackered?!

It’s time to consider just why you might be so tired. Now, only you know which one you truly need – but don’t necessarily assume you always need to rest.

If you’ve been sedentary all day, or dealing with stressful people or situations then consider that actually, what your body and soul might really need is to energise (despite what your mind is telling you about the lure of the comfy sofa, a box set and a glass of wine…).

Get moving to release the tension, to unfreeze the stress from your muscles, to let go.

But also, to top yourself up. To reignite your inner fire.

Your Inner Fire

This relates to our Solar Energy Centre – Manipura Chakra (Manipura literally means “Jewelled City” – how beautiful!): your fire centre at the Solar Plexus.

Manipura energy, when in balance, gives us a healthy sense of self and stable energy levels. We’re confident, energetic, spontaneous and joyful.  We feel our personal power. Strength, courage, inner fire. This energy gives us our get up and go.  We feel valued (and value our self).

But if we don’t have enough energy in this area we may operate from fear, feel inert, lack willpower, feel a victim. We may have low self-confidence, be self-critical, and angry with ourselves. And often feel wiped-out.

This energy is depleted by always putting others first, by pushing yourself to keep going when you’re tired, by having to deal with stressful situations regularly, by not valuing yourself.

Physically, issues here manifest by affecting digestion, for example, IBS, blood sugar problems, diabetes and eating disorders as the Solar energy affects our digestive organs and muscles as the fire energy of the chakra burns the food we take in to create energy.

If any of this is giving you “aha” moments because that’s how you feel, then be aware that you need to top up your personal powerhouse!

Here’s how to boost your energy


Yes, I know I said you need to move, but if you’re totally exhausted a lot of the time then you probably need to give your body a break and prioritise daily relaxation.

Try one of my free relaxations.

…Now we’re ready to energise your body and raise your energy levels.

Core Strengthening

Try this free Dru Core Strength video class: to strengthen the core  to enable you to feel steady, strong and powerful.

Build your inner fire

Try this Dru Balancing the Fire Element free video class (see the Core Power Sequence about 20 mins in): a more subtle approach to working with your Manipura energy.

Solar meditation

And now let’s connect to a subtle sense of topping up your sun energy.

Sit comfortably – cross-legged or on a chair. Lengthen through your spine. Breathe and let the breath settle, becoming steady.

First notice the solid ground beneath you, and let the earth support you.

Then tune into the air around – which gives you life.

Now imagine a beam of golden sunlight shining down onto the crown of your head. A beam of sunlight – just for you. Vibrant. Full of life and energy.

And draw that light down through the crown your head, breathe it in and down into your Solar Plexus. Breathing out feel an inner glow begin to build.

Sit for a few moments and continue to breathe in that golden, shimmering life force – that wonderful energy – down into your Manipura Chakra. Let yourself be filled up with all the light, healing and energy you need.

Then, after a few minutes, send that energy to any place within you which feels like it needs it. Any place within you which feels tired, or weak or aching. Send strength, healing, love… whatever you need.

And then sit quietly for a few more moments. Finally, let the light from your Solar Plexus rise to your heart.

And know that you have all you need inside yourself.

The shadow side

But also be aware that we can have too much energy in this area.

If Manipura is overactive we can become manipulative, controlling and intolerant. Our strong sense of self can tip over into arrogance and vanity. We feel angry with others.

I see so many people in positions of authority and power who are totally stuck in their Solar Plexus, Manipura energy (and, unfortunately, over the years have worked for a few!). Arrogant. Manipulative. Unthinking. Lacking compassion.

The answer? Relaxation (to be honest that is the answer to many things!) and focusing on the heart.

Letting the powerful Solar energy rise to the centre of the chest and be transformed to connecting with others from a place of gentleness, understanding and compassion.

There’s a fantastic Dru Yoga sequence which does just this: the Inner Fire Sequence (or download a step-by-step guide here).

Treat yourself

So, if you’re feeling tired and drained, treat yourself by doing something active and positive.

Nurture yourself. Award yourself some well-earned me-time.

And top yourself up!

What next?

In the Southampton/Eastleigh area? Then come to a weekly class for regular mindful movement and relaxation in a supportive atmosphere. I teach seven public classes a week and monthly workshops – check out my yoga class timetable and workshops schedule to find out more and make a booking enquiry.

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Need to boost your energy levels? Try these yoga techniques
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