So, winter is here. The days are short and cold and damp. The daylight too soon disappears and long, dark evenings stretch ahead of us.  And Christmas is around the corner…

Oh dear! Now I don’t mean to sound like a bah-humbug sort. This time of year can be lovely – the glow of the late-afternoon winter sun; the glittering of fairy lights; the mulled wine and mince pies…

But, let’s be honest. The approaching winter and Christmas-time can be a challenge. Our energy levels tend to dip with the short days yet this is such a busy, pressurised time of the year with Christmas around the corner. For some the mania of Christmas shopping, over-excited children, parties and over-eating!  And for others, it can be a time of loneliness.

Couple this with long nights and darkness, and we can often feel down, stressed and lacking in energy.

To help you through these demands I recommend you try yoga techniques to address both the low energy and the pressure.

For example, if you feel lacking in energy – try the Inner Fire Sequence to perk yourself up.

If you’re feeling busy, stressed and anxious – try a candle meditation to fill yourself with peace and a quiet inner radiance.

Details below…

Stoke your inner fire

The Dru Yoga Inner Fire sequence can increase your energy levels, and helps to boost your self-esteem.

Physically, it improves balance, coordination, determination & endurance, as well as toning the abdomen, legs & buttocks.

And on a mental/emotional level it increases will-power, inner strength and self-belief.

As you practise, bring your awareness to your solar plexus area and visualise a sun shining there.  A sun – glowing and burning brightly. Direct this energy up to your heart and let it build your self-belief and ability to deal with whatever life (and Christmas) throws at you.


Candle meditation

Get yourself a candle and sit comfortably either on a chair or cross legged on the floor. Place the candle in a position where you can look at its flame without strain.

Now simply gaze at the candle flame and allow your awareness to focus just on the image of the flame.

You may find that your eyes water a little. This is normal and it usually dissipates quite quickly.

Focus on the flame…

With your breath flowing in an easy rhythm contemplate the light of the flame.

Sense that the light of the candle is flowing into you as you breathe in … and out…

Feel a sense of purity and clarity flowing through your body and mind as you absorb yourself in the candle’s flame…

Imagine that you are breathing the light of the candle in and out of yourself…

… Just keep your eyes gently focused on the candle flame, and allow your natural breathing rhythm to fill your awareness.

Breathe the flame toward you on your in-breath … and your awareness travels to the flame on your out-breath…

…Focus on the flame and feel its warm glow reflecting your own true light.

Close your eyes and, in your mind’s eye, let the light flow through you. Let yourself be filled up with light – a healing, soothing, tranquil light which radiates through and around you…

Send the light to any part of your body / mind which needs some healing…

Send the light to someone you know in your life who needs some love and compassion…

Rest for a few minutes allowing your body and mind to be still.

Then stretch and move your body before carrying on with the rest of your day.

Sending you love and light,
Stella x

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Awaken your inner glow – and banish the winter blues
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