Does your life feel like it’s whizzing past in a blur?

You have so much going on: you’re being pulled one way by the demands of work, another way by family and in another direction by friends.

Emails to answer, reports to finish, the summer holiday to plan, family members to visit, your friends are coming around for dinner tonight, you’ve got housework to catch up on. You’ve always got a million-and-one things to do.

It’s like all this being pulled in different directions is pulling you apart! And all too often you feel off-balance; a bit lost amidst the crazy dance of life going on around you.

You crave stillness, safety and security. You want to be able to relax but just don’t know how…

Overwhelm is all too normal

Such sensations of overwhelm, of feeling untethered and as if you’re about to float away, are a natural reaction to stress. It’s totally normal to feel a lack of stability or to feel knocked off centre when your life is so busy and so many demands are being made of you.

I know how you feel – I’ve been there so often myself. When I feel busy, busy, busy I get lost in my thoughts and my awareness of my body and breath diminishes. I get totally wrapped up in what I need to do – and I tell myself I need to do it all now and I’d blimmin’ well do it perfectly too!!! I get my stress-head on!

And we’re not alone. So many of my yoga class students and private clients tell me that they feel they’re on a treadmill or that trying to juggle the demands of work, their family and their own needs is just too great a challenge. Modern life is so demanding!

Feel the ground beneath you

When I’m feeling overwhelmed and off-balance, this is what I do.

I reassemble my body and mind. I ground myself.

Try it. Give yourself some me-time and bring yourself back down to safety and stability by connecting to the earth beneath you.

The solid ground. Which never shifts or moves. Which is always there. It’s dependable, safe and stable.

Feel your feet on the floor. Notice where your body is in contact with whatever you’re sitting on. Anchor your busy mind to these sensations of being supported to prevent it jumping around all over the place.

You are supported

And know that you always have the stillness, rock-solid stability and security of the earth beneath you to tap into when life’s demands are leaving you overwhelmed, confused and frazzled.

Let gravity hold you. You are safe. You are secure. All is and will be well.

How to keep it together when life’s demands are pulling you apart
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