Stella Tomlinson - Dru Yoga Teacher Southampton
Yoga fills me with joy – but I also do take it seriously as it is so important to me and my life…

I’ve practised yoga since 2000 and have been teaching since 2012. And I often reflect on what yoga means to me.

I think the following captures it!

Working with my body, breath and with mindfulness and meditation helps me release tension and free up energy to breathe fully, to be present, to be still.

To connect

I practise to quieten my mind, to enable me to find peace of mind, meaning, a connection to something infinite and ineffable within me – a gentle power which otherwise sleeps or is drowned out by the noise of my thoughts.

It enables me to find a connection to a deeply held knowledge that there is something else; an invisible, beautiful, delicate yet unbreakable web of energy which connects us all.

And knowing this fills me with such love, wonder, awe and happiness that my heart breaks open and a joyful smile comes to my face and I know, I just know, that all will be fine. All is good, right and bountiful if I let it be so.

I float; I am supported by the infinite, mysterious possibilities the universe offers us in every second…

To release

I practise yoga to appreciate life. I practise yoga to connect to my inner power. I practise yoga to help me understand myself and to try to understand and appreciate others – to release the judgement, fear and prejudice which my mind manufactures.

When I step on my yoga mat it’s to release blocked energy and to tap into my infinite reserves of love and joy and excitement and awe.

I step on my mat so that when I step off it I am a better person. I am the true me – open, curious, uninhibited, gentle, full of laughter, full of awe, full of love. I am grounded, content and free.

To understand

I am a person who just wants to understand you, to see you and to be understood and seen myself.

A person who lives in the present moment with joy rather than in the past with regret, or in the future with fear.

To love

Yoga on the mat is my means to enable me to live yoga in every aspect of my life. Yoga is unity and connection.

I dedicate my life to yoga.

I dedicate my life to wholeness, to authenticity, to honesty, to empathy, and to understanding.

Yoga, to me, means self-acceptance, stillness, joy, freedom and love. I dedicate my life to freedom and love.

Will you join me?

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About Stella

I’m Stella Tomlinson and I teach slow, flowing Dru yoga in Southampton & Eastleigh (Hampshire, UK) to help you relieve the symptoms of anxiety and stress: the headaches, the back pain, the tense shoulders and jaw, the neck pain, the muscle tension, the digestive problems, the constantly whirring, busy mind.… and to help you to bring self-confidence and joy into your life.

Dru yoga is characterised by graceful movements, directed breathing, relaxation techniques and working with affirmations and visualisations.

My aim is to help you to relieve the stresses of modern-day living.

Connect with me through Facebook and Twitter, or leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


Why I love yoga
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One thought on “Why I love yoga

  • May 4, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    Hey Stella – great to hear that you’re still getting all the best from yoga. I’m doing my best to fit more in to my daily routine, as I know that if I let it, it can do great things… but sometimes the pressures of day-to-day life get in the way. If I keep practising, perhaps one day I’ll get to your level of yoga-calm :o) xxx


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