As we approach the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, you may, like me, be finding the short days and the darkness rather trying.

We get up in the dark and sunset comes around all too quickly. It’s damp, it’s cold. It feels too long since the bright days of summer!

But know that inside you is a light source to which you can connect whenever you wish. A light which never dims.

This light, this energy, is your heart energy. Full of love, compassion, understanding and gentleness.

See the light

Sit quietly for a moment and place a hand over your heart and imagine, visualise, feel a light glowing at the centre of your chest. You may see it as a candle flame, or the sun, or a golden glow. You may see it as a shining, precious emerald green.

Know that this light is infinite. Feel that light growing; see it shining through your body. A healing, calming, cleansing light.

See it shining out from your heart and connecting to your loved ones; to your friends and acquaintances; to your colleagues; to all people far and near.

It is your unique, inner light. And know that this energy connects us all.

We all have this source of energy glowing and growing within us.

Yes, for some people it has become dimmed, for reasons which are innumerable; those people who have apparently lost their sense of empathy for others; who grab and steal; who laugh at others’ misfortune; who inflict pain and hardship. But they deserve our compassion as they are neglecting and forgetting their connection to their heart.

Beings of light

I love the idea that everything on our planet – including each of us – is formed from particles and elements of stars which exploded billions of years ago.

We literally are beings of light.

We are made of light; we give out light.

Know that the world needs your unique talents and qualities: don’t be afraid to shine your light in the world.

So, at this time of Christmas, of mid-winter, I’d like to invite you to sit for a moment in stillness and repeat this traditional yogic mantra:

Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu: “May the entire universe be filled with peace and joy; love and light”.

Feel that light, that energy, at your heart glowing and growing. Smile. Feel the love.

I wish you much happiness, peace and light this Christmas and hope that 2014 brings you much contentment, fulfilment and love.

Shine your light
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