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5 thoughts on “Listen to your body in … Downward Facing Dog (Adhomukha Svanasana)

  • July 29, 2012 at 2:58 pm
    Buy Alprazolam Online With Mastercard

    Dog took me an AGE to get to like… for me, getting into the posture in the first place was a challenge, until my Dru teachers taught me the posture their way, with a bend in the knees as the hips and tailbone fluidly rise into the air. Then their flowing Dog, with its elliptical motion, giving another dimension to a classic asana.

    I had a tendency to struggle with keeping my coccyx high, lengthening my back and helping my legs to find their most comfortable way in the posture, until I read Su Sareen’s “See how yoga feels” – this is a wonderful book of visual ways to assist with common yoga postures, beautifully illustrated and described in practical experiential ways. Ideal for a visual person like me! For Dog, the magic was visualising (strangely!) a firm yet softly padded boxing glove gently pushing up the abdomen to raise the hips and coccyx high, and providing the body with gentle, leathery padded support to keep them there. And my heels don’t touch the floor, even with a wider stance – unless I put a bolster or rolled blanket there. Then they touch the floor, because I’ve made the floor higher so my body can just be 🙂 I’ll swear they’re getting closer though.

    Dog is a posture my 1 year old son does often, and spontaneously! It’s such a joy to see him toddling around then stop, turn to look at me with a cheeky grin then drop down onto his hands and push his bottom high in the air and widen his feet… then pause… then down again, up and OFF! He’s seen me doing Dog, and it must take his fancy too. He does what his body is comfortable with, and he seems to like it! – but then he’s done yoga since he was in the womb. It was inevitable, really…

    Buy Gador Alprazolam
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