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An email popped into my inbox the other day which included this: “If you think you go around in the world unseen or unrecognized, you’re incorrect. We are all acutely aware of each other, and energy leads the way, more than what we do or say”. [From SARK]

As one who, through lack of confidence, has in the past tried to hide myself away on some level and not be noticed, this really struck a chord with me.

We are all noticed

I recognize now that we are all of us noticed by everyone with whom we interact – even if in tiny, subtle, unconscious ways.

Even if you sit in a room or in a group and don’t speak – you are affecting the energy in the room. The people you are with will, to a lesser or greater extent, pick up on how you are feeling and this in turn will affect them.

This could be through body language or more subtle “invisible” energies such as picking up “bad vibes” from someone who you feel is in a bad mood, but hasn’t said a word about it.

The ripple effect

You will have influenced hundreds of people you’ve never actually ‘met’ but your energies crossed as you passed on the street or sat on a train. And of course you’re constantly having an effect upon the people you see every day, whether that’s family, friends or colleagues.

How we are when we go out into the world has an effect like ripples on a pond.

A smile at a stranger could change their mood and alter how they feel in that moment which could in turn transform how they relate to the people they come across that day.

Saying a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to a friend or a colleague when they’ve helped you out could deepen your relationship.

Cultivating a feeling of gratitude could transform your life and alter the way you interact with everyone you meet – and could inspire others to live with a positive attitude.

Tuning in to connections

Interconnectedness is a lesson I’ve learned through my yoga practice.

Yoga has helped me to become more aware of, and tune into, my emotions. As we practice yoga we become more aware of the effect of our mind on our body, and vice versa. We may become more able to pick up on the energy of others. And we become more aware of how our intentions, emotions and actions affect others.

We are all connected, whether we realize this or not.

And remember, you can make a choice over the quality of the energy you’re giving out. Loving or fearful? Happy or grumpy? Content or envious?

No matter what is happening in your life, you can decide how to deal with it and in turn, this will determine the effect you have on all those around you.

Be aware your energy leads the way. And never think you’re invisible!

We are all connected
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