It’s good to stretch and move first thing in the morning, so every morning I try to do at least a little bit of yoga to start the day.

It wakes me up, let’s me notice how my body, mind and emotions feel today, and helps me set the intention each morning to be present and notice what’s going on in the moment.

So, as a minimum this is what I do when I get up, to give myself a good start to the day…

1. With gently curled fists, I tap up and down my arms then legs, then over the glutes, around the abdomen, then gently tap my chest and head – saying hello to my body and gently waking it up.

2. Spinal twists – simple standing twists, rotating the spine, letting my arms swing naturally. Really wakes up the spine and gets my body moving.

3. Shoulder rolls – easing out any stiffness (and I do get stiff shoulders!).

4. Forward bends and back bends – wakes the spine up, stretches it out and gets it moving.

5. Tadasana – feel my feet connected to the floor, align my posture for the day ahead – standing tall, upright and confident.

6. Dru yoga Energy Block Release Sequence 1. This moves the body through all the different planes – extension, flexion, rotation and lateral movement.  (More about Dru Yoga. )

7. And if I have a bit more time, I’ll do a few sun salutations to get my circulation really going and get my body moving.

8. Have a stretch on the floor, then sit up and take some deep yogic breaths.

I have to admit, I’m not an early riser – much more an owl than a lark – so, if I’m really pressed for time, at the very minimum, I’ll do steps 1-5 which only takes a few minutes and does make a difference to how I feel physically and mentally for the rest of the day.

Hello morning, hello today!

My morning yoga essentials
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One thought on “My morning yoga essentials

  • March 22, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    Hi Stella! Great blog! (I’m trying the daily spine twists that you mention in this post.) Erica x


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