Sunset - view from my bedroom window
Sunset – view from my window (Photo credit: Stella Tomlinson)

This was the view from my bedroom yesterday afternoon as I was practising yoga. Well, a brief glimpse of it – a moment of it captured.

I watched the light and colours changing by the second – glowing, intensifying then gradually fading and darkening.

I watched and appreciated. Then briefly struggled – I should be getting on with my yoga not staring out of the window! But I decided to stop, and stand and stare. My camera was nearby so I took a few photos.


As I watched the colours in the sky changing, I reflected on the ever-changing nature of life, on the seasons and cycles in life.

I knew the moment of this sunset wouldn’t last, but there and then that was fine. It had existed. I’d noticed it. I’d felt its glory. And it had gone and I carried on, nourished, smiling inwardly at the splendour I had just seen.

Remembering to notice

Yoga has helped me to appreciate these moments, often fleeting.

It helps me to remember to stop and take a few moments to look and appreciate. And to be fine with the knowledge that the lovely moment will pass, knowing that if I keep my eyes open as I go through the day, that such moments are all around. The crocus fronds I saw poking up through the ground when walking on Sunday, showing that things are stirring in the ground and Spring is on its way. The glow of the sky through bare-branched leaves.

These moments nourish the soul. I cherish them.

Sometimes I forget that there’s always a beauty to be found in this moment and get bogged down in everyday trivialities and worries.

And then one afternoon I look out of my window and I see the sky ablaze with colour and I remember. And I breathe. And I’m filled with awe and I smile inside; an irresistible smile of contentment.

On seeing beauty
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