“Do what you can this second. Big plans rely on other people, new equipment, long periods of time…they’re no good. What can you do right now? Delve under anxieties until you get to a place that’s mysterious enough.”

I paused to think for a while when I read this quote from Miranda July, Performance Artist, in last Sunday’s Observer magazine.

So you want to change or achieve something. It’s so easy to get bogged down in making detailed plans. And the planning becomes the focus of your activity and you begin to lose sight of your goal.
You spend ages researching and writing lists of what you’re going to do, but don’t seem to quite get around to taking the first step. You procrastinate. Even identifying the first step becomes a trauma!

The big plan

OK, I’m talking about myself here…

I’ve got lots of big plans about how I’m going to teach yoga, what kind of classes I’ll give and how many and where, how I’ll market myself, how I’ll start workshops and retreats. How I’ll expand into other therapies – maybe reiki, Indian head massage, counselling… How I’ll pursue other creative pursuits: painting, jewellery making, photography…

Sound familiar?

I’ve got plans and big ideas aplenty. But have I started my first class yet? No.

And if, like me, you’re trying to become a yoga teacher and refocus your life so you’re making a living out of something you love, you’ve probably got big plans too.

Do something now

So what can you do this second? What small step can you take to start to make your plans a reality? Something you can do right now. Something simple. …Do it.

What did I do? Well, I’ve just emailed the local church hall to ask about rates and availability for starting up a yoga class in January. Something easy – only took a minute. But I’ve meaning to do it for a couple of weeks (and started a blog instead in the meantime!).

And if that comes to nothing, I’ll refer to my hours of research I’ve already done on locations in the area and contact someone else.

Step by step make the big plans a reality

I will start a yoga class next year. I’ll start one, then maybe another. And once I’m fully qualified, I’ll start more.

Yes, I’ll still keep my over-arching vision in mind and I will achieve as much as I can from my ‘Big Plan’.

And I’ll regularly ask myself “what can I do in this second? What can I do right now?”.

Step by step, I’ll get there.

What’s your first step?

What can you do right now?
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