Hi, I’m Stella and I love yoga.

I’m a student yoga teacher and I want to share my passion for yoga with you.

I’ve recently moved to Hampshire with my husband, left my old career behind, and am finally taking steps to refocus my life and career around something which I’ve experienced for 11 years, has changed me deeply, and is something I love. Yoga.

If you’d like to find out more about me and this blog, then please pop over to the About section.

So why should you be interested?

Maybe you go to a yoga class and are interested to find out more about yoga and how to incorporate it into your life. Or perhaps you’re a yoga teacher who likes the idea of discovering other people’s experience of yoga. Or you could be, like me, a student yoga teacher and are intrigued to know how my experience compares with yours.

Whatever your interest in or experience is of yoga, I hope you’ll find this blog interesting, informative, even inspiring.

I’m planning on posting reflections on different aspects of yoga practice, principles and philosophy and my experience of training to become a teacher; inspirations on how to live life with meaning; and tips on moving your body, breathing, relaxing and letting go.

I really hope you’ll join me on a journey to live life with yoga.

Stella x

Welcome to my Living Yoga blog
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